Medical and Surgical Day Case Ward

Level 7

  • Telephone: 01273 696955 Extension 2381
  • Fax: 01273 523129
  • Ward Manager: Lynne Mould

The paediatric team on this 25-bed ward provide care for children and young people who are having surgery or medical treatment and going home the same day. The ward is next to the paediatric operating theatre suite and is open from 7am to 7.30pm Monday to Friday.

The ward has a warm, friendly and professional atmosphere and a family centred approach. Staff work with parents and carers to give each individual patient prompt, efficient and safe care.

The surgery carried out in the day case unit ranges from general surgery and dental to ENT and ophthalmology. Medical procedures include IV antibiotics and change of dressings.

The ward’s dedicated paediatric team includes surgical and medical doctors, nurses and health care assistants. It is supported by paediatric and clinical nurse specialists and has links with the community nursing team for ongoing care at home. Play specialists also visit the ward to distract children when they are having medical treatment.

There is secure swipe card access for staff, while parents can buzz to be let in. The ward has single bedrooms and spacious four-bed bays, all with their own child friendly ensuite bathrooms. There is plenty of room in the bays for children to play and parents to sit.

All bedrooms have child friendly non-opening low-level windows for children to look out of when they’re lying in bed. Each bed also has a telephone and mini-TV.

There is a playroom equipped with toys and games, as well as an adolescent room with mini-Snooker and TV. Parents have a quiet shared sitting room with vending machine, and a kitchen on the ward.

Children start to arrive at the unit from 7.30 am, and will have medical checks lasting about half an hour before their treatment. They start to go home from around midday.

Young children can choose to ride to surgery on a toy quad bike or in a Princess Car. Nursing staff use a “Monkey Book” with photographs of the ward’s toy monkey to explain what will happen during the day.

Below are selected pictures from the Monkey Book used to explain to children what will happen during their day at the ward.