How To Get Referred

If you would like your child to be referred to see one of our doctors, this page explains the process you need to follow.

If you see your childs GP and he/she advises that you need to take your child to the Alex then you should go directly to the Childrens Assessment Unit on level 6 of the Alex. This is only if you have seen your GP first and he/she gives you a letter and advises you to go directly to the Alex.

Who can refer your child to the hospital to see one of our doctors?
  • Your childs General Practitioner (GP)
  • Your childs dentist (GDP)
  • Hospital doctor from another Trust if it is for the same condition
  • Internally from one doctor to another if it is for the same condition
  • A doctor at a minor injuries unit
  • A & E doctor
  • A doctor at a walk-in centre
  • An Orthoptist
  • An Optometrist
What do I need to do to get a referral?

Your child’s doctor or one of the other professionals detailed above will need to write a referral letter, giving brief details of your child’s condition and send it to the Outpatient Appointments Department at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital.

The referral letter will be read by the appropriate doctor and if he/she decides that treatment at the Alex is appropriate, the Outpatient Appointments Department will contact you by telephone to arrange and agree an appointment date and time. If we have been unable to talk to you on two separate occasions on two different days, we will send you an appointment date and time to avoid any further delays in your child being seen by one of our doctors.

Alternatively, if your GP feels that your child needs to be seen by one of our doctors, he/she can use the Choose and Book system to make an appointment whilst you are with them in the surgery. This means you can make an appointment immediately for a convenient date and time, rather than wait to receive a telephone call from the Outpatient Appointments Department at the Alex. On receipt of the Choose and book referral, our doctors will again read the referral and decide if treatment is appropriate at the Alex. If it is then you will receive a letter from the Outpatient Appointments Department confirming your childs appointment, however if treatment is not seen as appropriate then you will receive a letter from us advising you to contact your GP.

Referral for private treatment

You should mention to your GP or other practitioner highlighted above that you would like your child to be seen privately. He/she will in turn write a referral to one of our doctors who specialises in your childs condition or illness and the hospital will then make contact with you by telephone to make an appointment.

Who should I contact if I have further questions about being referred?

If you have a question about a specific referral that your doctor has made to the Royal Alex, please contact the Paediatric Outpatient Booking team on 01273 696955 ext 63990