Children & Young People’s Board

The Children’s and Young People Board was established to help us design and deliver paediatric services in our hospital as it moved into our new building in 2007.

The Children’s and Young People’s Board was made up of eight former and current patients, aged 9 to 18. This group of children and young people first got together in 2006.

Initially the group worked on aspects of design for the Alex. Their remit was to help ensure that hospital services are the best they can be. Board members had an input into new policies, such as visiting time changes. They also looked at the food sold in the hospital café and shop to assess whether it fits with the government’s drive against obesity.

The Board no longer meets, but we continue to involve children and young people and their families as best we can through inviting feedback and responding to complaints and plaudits we receive.

Quotes from the forum:

"I really enjoy being on the Children’s and Young People’s Board because it’s a way of putting forward children’s views." Rio, 9.
"The hospital is all about coming together as a team as it’s our hospital." Abi, 14.