Children’s Services At The Princess Royal Hospital

The Princess Royal Hospital (PRH) situated in Haywards Heath, mid Sussex does not have any inpatient facilities for children or young people. Children or young people attending the accident and emergency department at PRH will be seen and cared for by appropriately trained medical personnel, including paediatric nurses and advanced paediatric emergency nurse practitioners. If a child or young person needs to be admitted to hospital for medical or surgical treatment then he or she will be transferred to the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital (the Alex) in Brighton, Sussex.

General medical and specialised outpatient clinics are held at the PRH for children and young people who have been referred to a consultant paediatrician by their GP. These clinics take place in a self-contained and child friendly area within the main outpatients’ area and are supported by children’s trained nurses. The paediatric medical and surgical outpatient clinics are an extension of services provided at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton and are staffed by consultant paediatricians and paediatric surgeons from the Alex. Parents/carers/guardians have the choice of taking their child to outpatient clinics at either the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton or PRH and parents/carers/guardians are advised to mention their preference to their GP.

If you have any questions about the services for children or young people at PRH then you can contact the paediatric matrons at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton on telephone number 01273 696955 extension 2312 or 2313.