Health Passport

The health passport for children and young people is your opportunity to tell us about your child so that their care experience is improved. It aims to give our staff extra information about your child without you having to constantly go over everything about your child in different care settings.

Please download the Health Passport form here

You are invited to complete as many questions as you wish, keep a copy at home and hand a copy to the admitting Royal Alex member of staff or at a pre-admission appointment. Our nursing staff will keep a copy.
Health professionals can help you to complete it if you wish – please ask.

Other Brighton and Hove community services can also receive this Health Passport about your child if you wish.

It is suggested that for children under the age of 1 year the passport should be updated every 6 months. For those aged 1 year or older the passport should be updated annually.

We look forward to finding out how we can make your child’s healthcare more comfortable.

Health Passport