Infection Control

We have a dedicated infection control team made up of qualified Infection Control Nurses, audit and surgical site surveillance nurses and an Infection Control Doctor.
They work as a team with other health-care professionals, patients and their visitors to prevent and control infections.

The team is on hand to provide:

  • Specialist infection control advice.
  • Education to all health-care workers.
  • Monitor infection rates.
  • Audit practices central to care including the cleanliness of the hospital.

Our staff take infection control seriously. It forms part of our job description and a work-related appraisal that we have every year.
The infection control team reports directly to the Chief Nurse and the Trust Board receives regular updates on infection control at Board Meetings.

Contact us

If you require further information or have any questions about the risk of infection in hospital, please contact The Infection Prevention and Control Teams:

Infection Prevention and Control Department (Royal Sussex County Hospital):
01273 696955 extn. 4595

Infection Prevention and Control Department (Princess Royal Hospital):
01444 441881 extn. 8123


Infection Prevention & Control Department
Level 6, Microbiology
Royal Sussex County Hospital
Eastern Road
East Sussex