Private Patient Services

The Royal Alexandra Childrens Hospital (the Alex) provides a range of private services for children and young people. You should mention to your GP or other practitioner that you would like your child to be seen privately by one of the Consultants or practitioners at the Alex. Your GP will write a referral to one of our doctors or practitioners who specialises in your child’s condition or illness and the hospital will then make contact with you by telephone to make an appointment.

How much will it cost?

The consultant or practitioner who your GP refers your child to will be able to give you a guide to the cost of the outpatient review or treatment. This may alter during the course of your treatment or procedure if any changes are required to your child’s planned care.

Self Funding

If you are funding the cost of your child’s treatment you will be required to pay the estimated cost before you have your treatment or procedure and should the final cost be less that this you will be reimbursed.

Private Healthcare Insurance

You should contact your private healthcare provider before you pursue private treatment to ensure that your policy covers private care for your child. Prior to your child receiving treatment you will need to provide an authorisation code that your healthcare insurer will provide as well as your insurance details.

Whether your private healthcare insurer or you are paying for your child’s treatment, it is your responsibility to ensure your account is paid in full.

What happens next?

Once you and your consultant have agreed your private treatment plan including planned treatment or procedure dates you will be required to either pay the planned amount or provide an authorisation code from your private healthcare insurer. Prior to your arrival at the Alex you will be required to sign a form that indicates your child’s planned treatment or procedure and is your agreement to ensure the costs are covered.

Further information

If you require further information, please speak to your child’s consultant, private healthcare insurer or contact the Patient Access Manager at the Alex on 01273 696955 extension 64091.

Paediatric Allergy Service

The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital now offers a private allergy service which is run by consultant pediatricians with an interest in allergy and asthma, paediatric nurse specialists and a paediatric dietician.
We aim to offer a one stop service where children can be seen and assessed all within the same appointment.
Please find below a list of the available services
• Full history taking and assessment.
This is undertaken by the consultant paediatrician with allergy and respiratory experience and will fully explore the background to the child’s presenting symptoms including feeding, dietary and respiratory history. Following this a decision will be made about whether skin prick tests or other investigations are indicated.
• Skin prick tests.
The nurse specialist can test for a wide range of allergens including aeroallergens, common foods and latex.
Specific ‘prick to prick’ tests can be undertaken for more unusual allergens if this is indicated after history taking.
Skin prick tests are not offered to children simply because there is a history of allergy in the family.
• Anaphylaxis management.
Where there is a history of anaphylaxis or clinical features that make anaphylaxis more likely parents will be taught how to identify symptoms and what action should be taken. Multimedia training is given using websites, videos and factsheets to support parents understanding.
An individualised anaphylaxis management plan will be supplied to the parents at the clinic.
• Adrenaline auto-injector training.
A full range of training devices are available to demonstrate to parents how to administer adrenaline to their child during an episode of anaphylaxis.
• Lung function testing
Some children may have co-existing respiratory symptoms and lung function and reversibility tests can be offered as part of the allergy clinic appointment.
• Dietetic advice on food avoidance, weaning and reintroduction of food.
The dietitian will support families in providing practical guidance on food allergen avoidance and will give tailored dietary advice to ensure a healthy balanced diet.
Advice is given on food labelling and shopping, recipes, eating out and avoiding cross-contamination.
For children excluding multiple foods, the dietitian can analyse a child’s diet to ensure it is nutritionally adequate for health and growth.
Where appropriate, the dietitian can offer advice on re-introduction of food allergens and allergy prevention.
Dietary advice is supported by comprehensive literature, which includes useful supporting websites.
Charges for this service are as follows – for 2018
Children under 5s = £410
Over 5s = £500
These charges are all inclusive of all professional fees
Katie Clark is a Senior Paediatric Dietician. Katie has completed the “Practical Paediatric Allergy Course” run by the Allergy team at St Guy’s and St Thomas and King’s College London. She regularly attends the Allergy Academy Study days and is a keen contributor to the local Surrey and Sussex Paediatric Allergy Group. She has taken part in research and recruited for a research project in milk allergy.
Katie has a huge experience in the practical aspects of dietary management of allergy. She is keen to learn the most up to date research on food allergy and translate this into practical guidance for the families she sees. Katie is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (Registration Number DT06064). She is a member of the British Dietetic Association and British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology.
Edwina Wooler is senior paediatric respiratory nurse specialist at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton managing a small team of asthma and cystic fibrosis nurse specialists and working closely with the research nursing team. She is paediatric trainer for Education for Health and has worked as clinical lead at Asthma UK. More recently she has worked for NHS England at the South Coast Strategic Clinical Network looking at transition of young people with long term conditions to adult care. Her daily work involves reviewing children admitted to hospital with asthma and running a nurse led out patient service. Other areas of expertise are allergy and anaphylaxis management and teaching
Consultant’s information

Somnath Mukhopadhyay

Somnath Mukhopadhyay is Professor of Paediatrics at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital. His clinical expertise lies in the area of asthma, allergy and respiratory disease.
He is also clinical lead for research teams making genetic discoveries in asthma and allergy that are currently being tested in clinical trials. These approaches could bring a more personalised approach to the treatment of allergies and asthma in children.


MBBS (India), MD (Bristol), PhD (Dundee), FRCPCH (UK), DCH (UK)

Akshat Kapur

Akshat Kapur is Paediatric Allergy & Respiratory consultant last 3 years in Royal Alex and also do some general core Paediatrics. Having worked in Delhi, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Vancouver since 2001, he has a wealth of clinical experience in different settings. His Vancouver fellowship was vital in augmentation of his skills and knowledge in tertiary respiratory and allergy. Paediatrics and Alex children’s has further helped him provide high quality patient care. Working in a highly multi-disciplinary team has inspired the team to replicate NHS clinics we do in private consultations so patients benefit is paramount’

FRCPC – Fellow of Royal College of paediatrics and Child Health of Canada
MBBS India